Energy Medicine Appointments


How are Energy Medicine and Psychology Integrated? 

Transpersonal psychology/holistic psychology is a subfield of psychology that integrates the spiritual and the transcendent aspect of the human experience with the framework of modern psychology. My expertise in clinical psychology alongside with reiki energy medicine makes me a perfect practitioner of transpersonal psychology/holistic psychology.  Holistic mental health primarily focuses on existentialism and helping clients develop awareness of their life purpose as they explore the various patterns in their life.


Is Energy Medicine for Me?

This treatment option is great for individuals that have experienced limited progress in therapy despite their commitment to therapeutic treatment.  As you might have already discovered, there are wounds that are not visible in or on the body that are deeper and more painful than physical wounds. When these energetic wounds are left untreated, they manifest in the body as dis-ease.

If you believe the essence of who you are (your mind, spirit and soul) is more than the body you are in now, then reiki is for you. If you are in spiritual crisis, have mystical experiences, wonder about spiritual self-development, or wonder about altered states of consciousness,  then reiki is for you.  Energy medicine’s philosophy suggests that our energy centers determine our human development and emotional responses to our experiences. It also suggests that unbalanced energy centers are the foundational cause of mental health concerns much like how unconscious motivations and thoughts impact how we respond to life expereinces.


What is Energy Medicine? 

Energy medicine, also known as reiki, is an alternative treatment modality in which a reiki practitioner places their hands or hovers their hands on what are primarily described as your chakra centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. Within the Indian tradition, the chakras represent centers of energy located vertically along the spine. These centers of energy are also believed to serve as seats of consciousness (Best, 2010). While the focus of this description is on the Indian tradition, it is important to note that this concept exists among many other indigenous systems including Egyptian, Chinese, Native American, Sufi and Kabbalah. There are more than twenty major and minor chakras, however, most discussions about the chakra system center on the seven major chakras (see figure below).


Description of the Chakra System

The first is the Root chakra- it is located at the base of the spine and is identified with basic survival and self-preservation.

The second is the Sacral chakra- it is located in the genital area and is identified with sensuality and procreation.

The third is the Solar Plexus chakra- it is located in the abdominal or “gut” area near the naval and is identified with the assertion of will.

The fourth is the Heart chakra- it is located in the upper chest and is associated with the expression of unconditional love.

The fifth is the Throat chakra-  it is located in the throat and is associated with creativity and expression.

The sixth is the Third Eye chakra- it is located just above the eye brows in the center of the head behind the eyes and is associated with intuition and wisdom.

The seventh is the Crown chakra- it is located just above the crown of the head and symbolizes not only the highest state of consciousness, but complete and total union with  the source of all creation.


Benefits of Treatment

Clients that use this modality often feel a transfer of heat from the practitioners hands into their body. This modality helps clients process a great deal of emotion without having to undergo traditional psychotherapy. The maximum effects of a single session are experienced 2-3 days post treatment and clients often have a surge of energy to make changes that have long been considered wishful thinking. While a single treatment can do wonders, most clients I have worked with often request 3-4 sessions total.

For more information about the evolution of transpersonal psychology and it’s alignment with eastern philosophies please click on the following link 

Rate: $50/ 30 min session